Support news: Offline maps – how to select and use them

Actually, it’s quite simple. But sometimes the simplest of things can pose tough questions, which is why our support team often encounters inquiries on how to actually use the downloaded offline maps.

It’s true – just by downloading and installing the offline map, you’re not automatically offline. To avoid the worst case scenario (traveling abroad and having to pay expensive roaming charges), you have to know how to truly use the app  without any internet connection.

So – here is the tiny step that makes the big difference between online and offline:

After downloading and installing the map of your choice, go to the main menu and select “Settings”. There you can turn on the offline mode.

Foto 1

Foto 2

(Screenshots ForeverMap 2 for iOS)


Only now the app will not go online at all. If you try to use the address search, make sure that you have chosen the right country flag in the upper right corner (the country of which you want to use the offline map). And that’s it.