Tip of the week: How to install and activate our Funny Voices

Besides our offline maps, we are offering various voice packages as in-app purchases available in the GPS Navigation app’s upgrade section. Those “Funny Voices” make your car ride even more entertaining and enjoyable.

Still, as our support team reports, there are many complaints about the special voices not being audible after buying them. Today we want to get to the bottom of this problem:

First of all, just buying the voice isn’t enough. You need to download or rather install the voice afterwards. To do so please enter the main menu > “My downloads” > “My Voices” > tap on the voice you want to download and then on the “Download” button in the right hand corner. The voice is being installed now.

Funny Voices_2

There is one more step to go. To be able to switch between the voices, also when you have installed several of them, you have to enter the main menu’s settings again. There you tap on “Language” and scroll down to the bottom of the screen where the additional voices are listed. Choose the desired voice and you are ready to go.

Funny Voices_1

We hope this tip of the week will be helpful for some of you. In case you have any further problems or questions feel free to get in touch with our support team via e-mail at support@skobbler.com. They will be happy to help you!