Everybody please welcome the new “Scout”!

Granted, it’s been rather quiet around us in the past couple of weeks. But behind the scenes, we have been working hard on your favourite sat nav. It is finally available! Everybody please welcome our new „GPS Navigation, Maps & Traffic – Scout (Sat Nav)“ (iOS), „GPS Navigation & Maps – Scout“ (Android). Or let’s just call it „Scout“.


Scout will continue to offer you the same functionality and wealth of features that you already know and have come to love. In addition, our all-in-one maps and navigation solution contains the following improvements and enhancements:

Traffic information
Many of you have been asking for the integration of traffic data. We are now able to fulfill your wish! Your new Scout app provides you with INRIX incident traffic and thus allows you to avoid road blocks or construction sites, for instance. If you want even more current information about dynamic traffic flow, you can also purchase the „International INRIX Traffic“ flow-traffic upgrade (lifetime, no subscription). This add-on delivers colour-coded information on the traffic situation, meaning that streets will be displayed in green, orange or red, depending on how fluent traffic is at that very moment. This information will also be an important part of route calculation. It greatly enhances route quality.

Free country map
Since the previous update our iOS app also comes with one entire country map for offline usage for free. You probably already know the great advantages of these offline maps. Yet, it can’t be overemphasized: Downloading maps will allow you to use your app’s key features without an internet connection. You will never get lost again – even when a data connection is not available (e.g. in the countryside), when your monthly data volume is spent, or when you are travelling abroad (no roaming fees anymore).

Map update
You’ll get fresh map data. As you already know, the fact that our maps are based on OpenStreetMap enables us to provide you with the most up-to-date and most detailed street- and roadnetwork for cars, bikes and even pedestrians. Thank you, OpenStreetMap!

“Scout” is available for download on iTunes and Google Play for free now. Some of our existing users might have mixed feelings about that. Let us explain our motives. Our aim is to provide our customers with the ultimate “bang for the buck”. This is why we do continue to improve the app with each version at no extra cost (e.g. integration of INRIX traffic data in this version). We will also continue to provide our users with constant free map updates as well as usability and user interface improvements. In essence, we continuously do our best to both keep our existing users very happy and get new people interested by making the app increasingly attractive. We thank you for your interest in the app and appreciate your loyalty very much. We really hope that you feel that the service our app provides to you outweighs anything that you might have paid in the past by far. Without your contribution, we wouldn’t have been able to get to this point that enables us to offer the app for free to get even more people interested. The additional feedback from these new customers will help us to accelerate improvement of the app and ultimately also contribute to making OpenStreetMap itself better. Essentially, everybody wins as the app will evolve at a faster rate.

That being said: We are looking forward to hearing about your experience with Scout. Feel free to leave a comment below or send us an e-mail to support[at]skobbler.com. Our support team will also gladly assist you, if you have any problems or questions.

Thanks for using Scout!
Your Scout Team

You can now download Scout for iOS on iTunes App Store. Our current users will get Scout as an update.


Android-users can find Scout on Google Play. What’s being said above is true for Android, too: Those of you who already have the app on their device will automatically get Scout as an update.


  1. Somehow app vanquished from the list of normal apps in Play Store. Only accessible via link provided on webpage. This also breaks updates as app is not recognized.

    Hopefully this can be fixed.

  2. 1. Lost my map from older version, 3 euro on new map, not cool. I never wanted/needed Germany, why is it my free map?
    2. Cannot install the app anymore from Belgian Play Store.
    3. Ridiculous pricing 9.99 euro for traffic info?

  3. Hi FB, Thanks for getting in touch. Please find our feedback below:
    1) When opening the app’s new version for the first time, you will be prompted to choose your free map. Did you not choose Germany? To restore your previously bought maps, please do as follows: Please check if your Google-ID from the initial purchase is inserted under the settings of your device under “Google Accounts”. Please start the app > main menu > upgrades > click on “Restore purchases”. The purchased maps should now be available for download again: Main menu > my maps > purchased countries > tap on the arrow icon next to the country to download the map. Did it work? If not, please let us have some more information on your device (e.g. has it been rooted, has a Custom ROM been installed?)
    2) The app has been temporarily removed from Belgian Play Store. It will be available again in a couple of weeks. Sorry about the inconvenience.
    3) We actually consider €9,99 to be a very competitive price for dynamic flow traffic information by the international market leader INRIX. Please also note, that this is not a subscription but gives you lifetime access to traffic data.
    Feel free to get back to us via e-mail to support[at]skobbler.com, if you have further questions or remarks. Thank you! Best regards.

  4. The app is also gone for me in the Play Store list on Android. I paid for it and now I can’t install it anymore? (country: the Netherlands)

  5. Hi KP, we have also temporarily removed the app from the Dutch app store. We’d like to apologize for the inconvenience and are happy to inform you that it will be available again in a couple of weeks – then in an even better version with new features added to it. Best regards

  6. Hello,

    It is January and the application is still not available in my country (Romania). Hope you can find a solution to make it available soon, not in couple of weeks :)

    Kind Regards.

  7. Hi Stefan, Scout will be available in the Romanian App Stores soon (at the beginning of next month). We have been working tirelessly on that new version that comes along with some really nice enhancements and improvements. In the meantime, we’d like to ask you for a little more patience, it’s worth waiting for it :-) Thank you and best regards, Your Scout team

  8. Thanks for the update, I switched sides :) and I waiting for the Android version to be available.

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