Scout’s brand-new version has quite a few great surprises in stock!

Indeed, the preparation took a bit longer than expected and some of our loyal users have rightfully started to become impatient. Allow us to compensate you for the long waiting time with some amazing new features.

Pedestrian navigation

From now on, you can also enjoy a real turn-by-turn navigation when walking around. The OpenStreetMap is predestined to be used in a pedestrian navigation. As most commercial maps are created by car-based mapping, they are not as suitable for a pedestrian navigation as OSM. No other map data provides users with such a high degree of detail – even beyond drive-able roads on footpaths and squares or in pedestrian zones and parks. Where other maps can only show you the location of the zoo, our OSM based app can even find the best way to the antelopes’ enclosure.


Car finder

You can’t remember where you parked your car? Don’t worry, we have the solution! In the latest version of your favorite maps & navigation app, you can save your parking position and then easily find your way back to your vehicle. You can even save a picture of the location. Scout provides you with a seamless navigation experience – without any interruptions from your starting point to your final destination and the other way around – no matter where and how you are on the go.


Text-to-speech (TTS)

Many of you have been asking for an integrated text-to-speech feature.  The new Scout fulfills your wish! Starting from today, the voice prompts will also include street names for even better orientation. In order to activate TTS, please proceed as follows: Main Menu > Settings > General > Language > choose text-to-speech here. Please note that our “funny voices” (only available on iOS) are not compatible with TTS. It works only with the standard voice.

Fresh map data

The OSM map data used in our app will also be updated. Free of charge, of course! You may already know, but we owe the frequent map updates to the constant efforts of the OSM community. Thanks OSM!

We hope that we have checked a few more boxes on your wish list and would be glad to receive your feedback via email at, through our social media channels or right here below in a comment.

The update is available on Android from today on. For those iOS users who have not yet received version 7.0: It’s around the corner.

Thanks for using Scout.

Your Scout team