Close call: The next navigation generation has been approved by Apple

That was close: just in time before the public availability of their iOS 5 on Wednesday, October 12, Apple has tested and approved the iOS 5-compatible successor to our navigation app. Therefore, the launch days of our ‘GPS Navigation 2? are finally certain: It will be available on Wednesday, October 12 in the US and […]

We have landed: ForeverMap is in the App Store in the US and Canada

A small step for the App Store, a huge step for us. The iOS North America Edition of ForeverMap is live in the US and Canada for iPhone, iPod and iPad. It gives people the chance to get orientation without the necessity of a data connection anywhere they are. It’s available at an introductory price […]

ForeverMap for Android is finally available – twice

Our Android team has pulled it off: ForeverMap for Android ist finally available. The App allows you to install OSM country maps for almost all European countries on your Android device. You can use these maps anywhere, also without any internet connection. POI data with local search, routing (not navigation) functionality as well as Wikipedia […]

Price drop alert for all skobbler apps in the App Store

Now also ForeverMap: GeoBrain is our first game in the App Store. Let’s properly celebrate it: GeoBrain, ForeverMap and skobbler Navigation for only 79 cents each! Get them now at this rock bottom price. Our game: Test your knowledge about our planet and have fun. skobbler GeoBrain at an introductory price of only 79 cents in […]

It’s game time: GeoBrain is available in the App Store

“skobbler? That’s those navi dudes, right?” Yes – and more. After the relaunch of our second iOS App, the offline map ForeverMap, we’re now entering the games ring. Our first game GeoBrain is available in the App Store. However, we’re not sailing in completely uncharted waters, as GeoBrain is also a “map-based” app. To celebrate […]