Tip of the week: How to install and activate our Funny Voices

Besides our offline maps, we are offering various voice packages as in-app purchases available in the GPS Navigation app’s upgrade section. Those “Funny Voices” make your car ride even more entertaining and enjoyable. Still, as our support team reports, there are many complaints about the special voices not being audible after buying them. Today we want to get to the […]

Become a skobbler BETA tester for our new Android GPS Navigation & Maps update

*** UPDATE: We are searching for new beta testers again! Interested? You’ll find more information below. We are looking forward to all applications. *** ————————————————— We’re currently giving our new update for GPS Navigation & Maps on Android the final touch. After successfully finding so many great beta testers for our new iOS GPS Navigation […]

Become a skobbler BETA tester for our new iOS GPS Nav 2 update

UPDATE: We have found enough testers for our GPS Navigation 2 Beta Version. Please do not sign up anymore. Many thanks for the lively interest, we appreciate your help a lot. ——————————————————— We’re currently giving our new update for GPS Nav 2 on iOS the final touch. We can already tell you this much: It’s […]

Support news: Offline maps – how to select and use them

Actually, it’s quite simple. But sometimes the simplest of things can pose tough questions, which is why our support team often encounters inquiries on how to actually use the downloaded offline maps. It’s true – just by downloading and installing the offline map, you’re not automatically offline. To avoid the worst case scenario (traveling abroad […]

This week’s ratings: iPad and post code problems

Does this app work on an iPad? Well, yes and no because there are different kinds of iPads: WiFi-iPads without a GPS receiver, and so-called “3G-iPads” with a sim-card, mobile internet (which is where the “3G” comes from, meaning it has nothing to do with the iPad generation in terms of whether you have an […]

Ratings of the week: No improvement without good feedback and why bicycles and GPS Nav 2 like each other a lot

:-) What we like most about this rating (apart from it being a 5-star-one :-) ) is that it underlines one of OpenStreetMap’s biggest, but often overlooked benefits: its value beyond the street.  People everywhere love to go out and take on adventure (or just walk around), which is why OpenStreetMap prides itself on giving […]

This week’s ratings: The Oceania-Australia problem and why our app is suitable for people of all ages

:-) (Click to enlarge) This is really great news! It’s always nice to hear that our apps are easily used and enjoyed by people of all ages because, well, that’s the way it should be (and the way we designed them to be :)). :-( (Click to enlarge) Unfortunately, we have some bad news to […]

Why the latest GPS Navigation 2 update is not compatible with the iPhone 3G anymore

Since we published our 4.3 Update for GPS Navigation 2, our 3G-users – those that updated – have had some issues with the app and are wondering what the problem is. Here are the circumstances: With iOS 6 and the latest “SDK” (Software Developer Kit), Apple has removed the possibility to develop iPhone 3G-compatible apps. […]

This week’s rankings: Problems in China and a compliment for Stephen Fry

(Click to enlarge) This is actually very odd, because our app definitely has this function, whether online or offline, in Germany, the US or China. If you want to drop a pin on the map, go into the map mode, tap on the point on the map that you want to go to and hold […]