This week’s tip: An official list of all verified Android-devices for skobbler navigation

It’s weekend-tip-time: Today we are talking about skobbler for Android. Which Android devices are compatible with our apps? Are there restrictions? Which Android-Version do I need at least? With a list containing all officially verified devices for the skobbler app we provide a remedy. Handset manufacturers are trying to adapt the operating system Android to […]

Today’s Weekend-Tip: How can I delete favorites?

It’s Friday – it’s weekend-tip time: Like last week we have another great answer to an often asked question today, worked up just for you! How can I delete existing favorites in the skobbler navigation app? The method of how to delete favorites is already given by Apple and sometimes not easy to find. Therefore […]

Our latest accomplishment: the Weekend-Tips

Here comes our weekly feature update to shorten the time until the release of the ultimate upgrade – a whole new version of our “good old” navigation app. Every friday we will refer to one of your frequently asked questions and take you step by step through the answers. Today’s topic: How do I allow […]

We have landed: ForeverMap is in the App Store in the US and Canada

A small step for the App Store, a huge step for us. The iOS North America Edition of ForeverMap is live in the US and Canada for iPhone, iPod and iPad. It gives people the chance to get orientation without the necessity of a data connection anywhere they are. It’s available at an introductory price […]

It’s game time: GeoBrain is available in the App Store

“skobbler? That’s those navi dudes, right?” Yes – and more. After the relaunch of our second iOS App, the offline map ForeverMap, we’re now entering the games ring. Our first game GeoBrain is available in the App Store. However, we’re not sailing in completely uncharted waters, as GeoBrain is also a “map-based” app. To celebrate […]

ForeverMap 2.0. is in the App Store – That’s what we call an update

Since the press release says it all (and much better than I could), here we go: skobbler, creator of the first free sat nav app for the iPhone, has today announced the launch of ForeverMap 2.0., a groundbreaking leap forward for the popular offline Google maps rival. It is now available in the App Store. […]

ForeverMap Europe – What’s up and what’s coming up

ForeverMap Europe has been in the App Store for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch for a month now. Seems like the right time to draw an intermediate conclusion. The app has reached several No. 1 positions in the navigation category around the globe and has exceeded 10,000 downloads by far. That’s a very decent start, […]

The new skobbler app has hit the App Store: ForeverMap – the map for all for always

Today is the day: the second OSM-based skobbler app is alive and kicking. ForeverMap Europe is finally available in the App Store. The Android version will be available in late November, if things go according to plan. The fundamental idea behind ForeverMap in four words is “Google Maps, but offline”. Whether you’re in Berlin, Budapest, […]