Everybody please welcome the new “Scout”!

Granted, it’s been rather quiet around us in the past couple of weeks. But behind the scenes, we have been working hard on your favourite sat nav. It is finally available! Everybody please welcome our new „GPS Navigation, Maps & Traffic – Scout (Sat Nav)“ (iOS), „GPS Navigation & Maps – Scout“ (Android). Or let’s just call it „Scout“. […]

This week’s ratings: The Oceania-Australia problem and why our app is suitable for people of all ages

:-) (Click to enlarge) This is really great news! It’s always nice to hear that our apps are easily used and enjoyed by people of all ages because, well, that’s the way it should be (and the way we designed them to be :)). :-( (Click to enlarge) Unfortunately, we have some bad news to […]

ForeverMap 2: Map Diversity on Android

It’s true: the Android mobile map market is pretty tight. Still, this past week we announced the release of ForeverMap 2 on Android, and we must say—we’re excited. Why you ask? Well, simply because we are incredibly enthused about the prospect of bringing “map diversity” (a term coined by our very own Co-Founder, Marcus Thielking) […]

WSLI – skobbler in 2012 (CW 2 / 2012)

Like any WSLI-blog post, this one has two parts. First, you get some inside info on what’s currently happening here at skobbler, then you’ll get some useful info for the use of our apps. Today we let you know our New Year’s resolutions. You’ll also get useful information on navigating abroad with our GPS Navigation […]