Everybody please welcome the new “Scout”!

Granted, it’s been rather quiet around us in the past couple of weeks. But behind the scenes, we have been working hard on your favourite sat nav. It is finally available! Everybody please welcome our new „GPS Navigation, Maps & Traffic – Scout (Sat Nav)“ (iOS), „GPS Navigation & Maps – Scout“ (Android). Or let’s just call it „Scout“. […]

This week’s ratings: iPad and post code problems

Does this app work on an iPad? Well, yes and no because there are different kinds of iPads: WiFi-iPads without a GPS receiver, and so-called “3G-iPads” with a sim-card, mobile internet (which is where the “3G” comes from, meaning it has nothing to do with the iPad generation in terms of whether you have an […]

This week’s rankings: Problems in China and a compliment for Stephen Fry

(Click to enlarge) This is actually very odd, because our app definitely has this function, whether online or offline, in Germany, the US or China. If you want to drop a pin on the map, go into the map mode, tap on the point on the map that you want to go to and hold […]